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Give him a mask and he'll tell you the truth.


'Front Stage & Back' is a tragi-comedic character study of larger than life, 58 year old, New York actor, Theodore Bouloukos, who has been in more than a hundred totally unheard of films.

The film explores self-perception and the tension that exists between what we say and what we do.  “Am I an actor?”, Theo asks himself, “or am I a fucking fraud?”

Who are we when we appear to be many things at the

same time? 


In a funny, unflinchingly honest and moving piece of cinema vérité, Theo takes us on a muddled journey through painful auditions, underpaid gigs, and drunken dinner parties that describe his life in New York’s Upper East Side, where he shares a rent stabilised apartment with his brother.

As we see his image gradually emerging on a portrait artist's canvas, the camera searches out the real story beyond this actor’s resilience and flamboyant wit and unfolds a tale of deeper hurt and familial complications.


Front Stage & Back grapples with the very human dilemma of self-definition, self-worth, and self truth, and explores the shaky foundations that these are based on.


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The Bed

Theo struggles to put together

his new bed frame.


Rainy Day

Theo braves a rainy day

to work out in Central Park.



Theo travels to Philadelphia to audition

for a play. It doesn't go so well.


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